Monday 16 December 2013

The Worst Thing for a Runner Is Injury

Three months ago I broke my foot. Before that I had a lot of plans - for example to write down and publish my training plan for a marathon. And just one futsal match and everything changed!

Now my bone is almost healed. It will take some time before it remodels itself, but I can slowly start walking again. With crutches still, but it's a huge difference.

I am starting to train my muscle back. My calf shrunk from 40 cm (measured as circumference in the widest part) to 36 cm. That's about 1.5" difference. My doctor said I have to use crutches but should put more weight on the foot gradually.

Another good runner adviced to start riding a bike. Which I am going to do immediately after coming back from my winter holidays. After 3 months with no running I am no doubt at the start again.